My Favourite TV Shows

TV Shows

When my kids are sleeping or resting I take advantage and make an effort to grab in my favourite shows. Like everybody, I have some guilty pleasure TV shows, like the housewives of where and a good clinical drama. I really do like watching The Star Wars Franchise with my 5-year-old son. His favorite character is actually Darth Vader since he has the coolest lightsaber. Any way , back to my own high TV shows. My listing comprises Scandal, Gray's Anatomy, and the Actual House Wives.

Watching Television at night time Scandal

I actually just started watching this series, but I am really obsessed. This series can be a political play with all Kerry Washington as a consultant to the president. It shows the back stabbing and also deal making between people from the government. If you enjoy the series house of cards, then you'd probably enjoy this too. In such kinds of shows, everybody is spying on text messages and learning one another's secrets. This series is far more amorous than deep with all the name of"Scandal".

Grey's Anatomy

Still another excellent show on the ABC network is Grey's Anatomy. I have been watching this show for the last five decades . Fortunately I managed to catch upon earlier seasons together with Netflix. The show stars Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey are the love interests that pull the series. Their relationship is exactly what resulted in the series to endure from 2005 until now. When Dempsey abandoned Grey's Anatomy many decades before, ratings started falling and now the show is coming to an end.

The casting of Grey's AnatomyThe Real House Wives

This past one is definitely my guilty pleasure TV show. I don't see every single of this series but I do enjoy watching the house wives out of New Jersey. Something about the way that they behave and speak to each other is so interesting if you ask me personally. Also, you know that they have been always gossiping about each other which makes the series so intense. If you would like to take a break from the television then take a look at my last article about balancing union and family.

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